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# Publishing is Coding: Change My Mind ## Nika Zhenya's entries from [Mariana Eguaras' blog](( in broken english This is the repo of “[Publishing is Coding: Change My Mind](” You can find the original spanish version in [GitLab](, [GitHub]( or [GitList]( ## Donations 🌮 Donate for some tacos with [ETH]( :dog: Donate for some dog food with [DOGE]( :beer: Donate for some beers with [PayPal]( ## Related links (spanish) Taller de Edición Digital (Digital Publishing Workshop): []( _Edición digital como metodología para una edición global_ (_Digital Publishing as Methodology for Global Publishing_): []( Pecas, herramientas editoriales (Pecas, publishing tools): []( Sitio personal (personal site): []( ## License All content is under [Licencia Editorial Abierta y Libre (LEAL)]( “Licencia Editorial Abierta y Libre” is translated to “Open and Free Publishing License”. “LEAL” is the acronym but also means “loyal” in spanish. With LEAL you are free to use, copy, reedit, modify, distribute or merchandise any of this content under the following conditions: 1. Any product produced with this content must be under some type of LEAL. 2. Merchandising cannot be the only way to acquire the final product. 3. The use of content must not harm any collaborator. 4. All files (editables or finals) must be public access.